About SM&LC

Since it started, The Club has revived and fostered one of Scotland’s traditional crafts. Our club is a workshop and meeting place such as was once an integral part of life in the Edinburgh closes.

As the name suggests the Club is not solely a mineral or lapidary club but an amalgamation of a majority of arts and sciences associated with rocks and minerals.

The Club’s main object is to encourage an interest in natural minerals and in the crafts and craftsmanship related to them. Club members may not use the club and it’s facilities for commercial work.

While some members specialise in one particular field, others are encouraged to dabble in many, but all our members are keen enthusiasts in their chosen part of this hobby and are only too willing to assist others whether they are newcomers or ‘old hands’.

Opening Times:

Our normal working hours are split into 2 sessions:

Afternoon:  11.00 am to 3.00 pm
Evening: 7.00 pm to 9.30 pm

  • Monday – Evening
  • Tuesday – Afternoon & Evening
  • Wednesday – Evening (*currently afternoon session is closed)
  • Thursday – Afternoon
  • Friday – Evening
  • Saturdays – (fortnightly) 10.00-16.00

All persons joining, as full or junior members must complete a basic course in lapidary, which is under the supervision and instruction of a team of our very experienced members.

For more more information about membership click here.
If you are interested in our Lapidary Course then click here.

Visitors to the Club will always be welcome. For larger groups, it is requested that arrangements are made in advance by emailing or using our contact page.