Many different skills are practiced at the Club but the main work is carried out in three distinct areas:


Lapidary is a craft that has strong links in Edinburgh where the tradition of ‘Scottish Pebble Jewellery’ dates back more than 150 years.

During the 1870’s there were as many as 1000 people working in the Scottish jewellery trade.


Faceting is usually done on higher quality, transparent stones.

Flat facets are cut and polished over the entire surface of the stone, usually in a highly symmetrical pattern.

This process can add brilliance or enhance natural features within the stone.


Silverwork. Much of the lapidary and faceted work in the club goes on to be set or mounted to become pieces of practical jewellery.

Normally working in silver, our members have created many beautiful pieces, some of which can be viewed in the Silverwork Gallery